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Wed Apr 11 18:18:51 BST 2007

On 10 April 2007, Scott Bicknell wrote:
> On Tuesday, April 10, 2007 4:53 am, malebeast at wrote:
> > All I need to know which one css konqueror uses by default.
> Would you clarify your question? I don't understand what you are asking
> here. If you mean "Which stylesheet is used by default?", it would be
> the one in your user account, rather than the system one.
> OTH, if you mean "What css does Konqueror use by default?", that would
> be found in $KDEDIR/share/apps/khtml/css/html4.css. Your responses
> suggest to me that what you may be looking for is site-specific
> overrides to the way Konqueror renders pages. I'm not sure that can be
> done in Konqueror. Firefox allows for that, and there are extensions
> for it (Stylish) that make it easy to implement.
Actually, I prefer using konqueror because of it's better kde integration. I 
think it would be enough to place html4.css in user's home directory to solve 
my problem. I did it before (but forgot which one css) and it's works fine, 
but I think it some kind of hack, so I asked better way to do this. 
> Your original question, "How can I change default foreground color used
> by Konqueror to display html\xhtml files?" seems to be answered by
> this. But perhaps what you meant to ask was "How can I change the
> foreground color used by Konqueror to display html/xhtml when the
> page's css does not specify a color?" I don't know of a way to do that
> with Konqueror; it seems to treat its default stylesheets as if
> "!important" were specified for all rules, which is unfortunate,
> because that overrides the styles intended by the author and prevents
> fine-grained control of the display by you.
Sory for misunderstanding, but asking "by default" I meaning "when not 
specified by page's author in css or html body".
> My suggestion is to use a browser that has more flexibility in
> specifying style rules, such as Firefox.
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