KMail with multiple identities

Kevin B. O'Brien zwilnik at
Tue Apr 10 22:25:06 BST 2007

I would like to try out KMail with multiple identities, but seem to be
running into a snag. The immediate issue is the the Handbook is
referencing a screen that does not exist, but seems to be important,
called Network. I'm guessing Accounts is supposed to take its place, but
I cannot figure out at this point how to connect an Identity, a POP
account, and an SMTP account. The Handbook seems to imply that this can
be done at the non-existent Network screen, but if I go into the screen
I do have, called Accounts, I don't see where this can be done. Is there
anyone here who is familiar with KMail that can set me straight? If
there is an up-to-date documentation site on the Web that would be fine
as well.

Thank you,

Kevin B. O'Brien TANSTAAFL
zwilnik at Linux User #333216
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