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John john_82 at
Sat Nov 25 19:02:15 GMT 2006

I need a little more explanation. Does this mean that the tags I need are 
available or only in newer versions of kmail? Can somebody point me at user 
documentation for these features?
Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
On Friday 24 November 2006 23:00, Philip Rodrigues wrote:
> >Is the mail from somebody in my address book?
> "From"->"is not in address book", at least in the latest version.
> > Is the mail addressed to one of my accounts ? (Some aren't)
> A little trickier to avoid false positives, but perhaps something like:
> "Match all of the following":
> "To" does not contain "me at"
> "To" does not contain "me2 at"
> "Cc" does not contain "..."
> "Cc" ...
> > Is the mail from somebody in a domain or who has a name that I known
> > sends spam?
> You could create a category in your address book containing all these
> addresses, and use "From" "is in category". Alternatively you could just
> use a bunch of "From" "contains" <unwanted address> type filters.
> > The vast bulk of the rest could be spotted with a simple sentence and or
> > word check. Firstly in the subject and then in the content.
> >
> > Any thoughts or suggestions? Surely there is a filter available that will
> > do some or all of these things.
> To be honest, once you get to this level, I think you're probably better
> off customizing something like spamassassin, that's designed for spam
> filtering, though.
> Regards,
> Philip
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