Temp font files in /home/user directory

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Wed Nov 15 20:37:55 GMT 2006

I'm a bit puzzled by many TMP font files in my /home/user directory. These are 
hidden files, and appear to be empty, or almost empty. For example, there is 
one file named .fonts.cache-1. This contains 26.8KB of data. Next I 
have .fonts.cache-1.TMP-0mWg8b, which contains 6B, and inside the file is a 
number (17031). The next file is .fonts.cache-1.TMP-3wah8b, and contains 0B. 
There are 28 of these TMP files on one of my FC2 installs. the only other 
fonts file after all the temp ones, is one named .fonts.conf (110B).

Anyone know why these empty TMP files arn't being deleted when logging out or 
shutting down the machine?

Distro: FC2
KDE version: 3.2.2-14.FC2.legacy Red Hat
Konqueror version: 3.2.2-8.FC2 Red Hat


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