no indication of drop position over Folder + Wastebasket

T E Schmitz mailreg at
Wed Nov 15 20:08:18 GMT 2006

MichaƂ Bendowski wrote:
> On 11/15/06, *T E Schmitz* <mailreg at 
> <mailto:mailreg at>> wrote:
>     Folder + Wastebasket Icons on the desktop or when using Icon View in
>     Konqueror, do not change appearance when dragging a file across (to
>     indicate the drop position).
>     Both Winblows and Nautilus darken the folder and Trash icon when
>     dragging and dropping.
>     I can't think of any system that does not indicate the drop position. Is
>     this a bug or a feature?
> But the do get a  light border to indicate where the file is going to be 
> moved/copied. So I consider this a feature, although in KDE4 konqueror 

I don't get a light border - nothing at all!
I am running 3.5.2.


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