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T E Schmitz mailreg at
Mon Nov 6 12:37:28 GMT 2006

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Saturday 04 November 2006 14:19, T E Schmitz wrote:
>>Kevin Krammer wrote:
>>>On Wednesday 01 November 2006 19:02, T E Schmitz wrote:
>>>>I am currently using Thunderbird and Gnubiff as a mail notifier. I'd
>>>>like to switch to KMail but noticed that KMail does not handle deletions
>>>>in the same way:
>>>>Gnubiff lives on the Gnome panel. It is set to watche my IMAP mailbox
>>>>and displays new emails in a pop-up. When a message is deleted in
>>>>Thunderbird, it will not be listed by Gnubiff next time it refreshes.
>>>>If I delete the message in KMail, or Evolution for that matter, Gnubiff
>>>>will continue to show this message as new mail. That means I would have
>>>>manually to mark the Gnubiff mailbox as 'read'.
>>>I think the mails are get marked as "unread" when the folder is
>>This issue has been logged in the bug tracker:
> I added a reference to this thread to the open bug for this issue

I opened a bug requesting marking deleted IMAP messages as seen:


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