"Click to raise" and composite manager

Michael Rex me at rexi.org
Wed Nov 1 00:00:11 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 31 October 2006 23:34, Cathal O'Brien wrote:
> Hi Michael,

Hello Cathal,

> I dont think this is a bug, I can only drag around windows by clicking on
> the titlebar. This makes sense to me, plus it always worked this way,
> right?

In this respect you are right, but this wasn't what I meant. What I was 
talking about was to "raise" the window. Or, in other words, make it the 
topmost window.

Just to make it clear, KDE offers a great deal of methods to assign input 
focus to a window, I use "focus follows mouse", which means, the window the 
mouse is in receives all keyboard input. There are some situations in which I 
find it convenient to type in a window that is actually (mostly) behind other 
windows (especially when I'm using Konsole). But I like to make it the 
topmost window by clicking in it, if I need to do so (this behaviour can be 
configured in KControl via 'Desktop/Window Behaviour/Focus')

So normally, when I move the cursor to any part of a background window and 
click on it, the window is made the topmost window on the desktop. Now my 
problem is, this "any part" doesn't work when I enable the composite 
features. After that,  only a click on the title bar of the program makes it 
the topmost window. I find this pretty annoying.

Oh, and by the way: you can drag around windows by ALT-Clicking anywhere 
inside them ;-)

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