Have apps on root window or disable window decoration?

Bram Schoenmakers b.schoenmakers at student.tue.nl
Wed May 17 14:14:32 BST 2006

Op woensdag 17 mei 2006 13:47, schreef Ryo Furue:


> Thanks for the info!  Unfortunately, I have no idea as to why, but
> this method doesn't work for me.  I let the dialogue "detect" xclock
> by clicking on an xclock window.  "xclock XClock" appears on the box,
> indicating xclock was successfully detected.  I then set "Keep Below"
> to "Force", "Skip Task Bar" to "Force", etc., an did OK, Apply, and
> OK. But, my xlock remains on the task bar, it goes over other windows,
> etc.  In short, it remains unchanged as far as I can tell.
> I tried this process three times.  Once on my Debian Linux box at my
> office, and twice on my other box at home, to no avail.   Hm. . . .

When you 'detect' the clock, you should choose the option Use Window Class 
(whole application).

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