various problems with kwifimanager in 3.5.2

Brian Carey BrianC at
Wed May 3 21:28:13 BST 2006


I am struggling to make kwifimanager behave in a useful manner. I cannot 
seem to get it to scan properly or switch networks. I am running it with 

System: Slackware 10.2, 2.6.13 kernel, kde 3.5.2 (Slackware package from website)

My network card works fine, and I have no problem scanning and getting 
on and off of networks with iwconfig, iwlist, etc.

Scan for Networks does not seem to actually scan anything. The results 
box lists the currently connected network and the name of the first 
network from the most recent iwlist done in a console. The other columns 
are blank, and the "Switch to Network" button is greyed.

Anyone have any ideas of how I can proceed?

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