Default values for ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals?

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Thu Mar 30 18:50:30 BST 2006


I'm an Austrian writer living in Montpezat (South France), and a 100% GNU/Linux
user since 2001. Current system: Slackware Linux 10.2, kernel 2.6.14.

I'm currently busy configuring a small-footprint desktop for older hardware
(like Pentium II 233), based on XFCE, but allowing the odd KDE or GNOME app to
run on it. First test runs are rather conclusive. For example, for allowing K3B
to run under XFCE, I have arts, Qt and kdelibs installed. No kdebase, nothing
else. With this config, K3B runs fine without eating up too much CPU resources.
(If you feel this is a bit heretic: I have KDE 3.5.1 on my more powerful

Only problem: the default fonts look a bit ugly within XFCE. KDE apps default to
Bitstream Vera Mono 12 pt, whereas XFCE defaults to plain Sans 10pt. Since I
don't have kcontrol (no kdebase), I manually edit
~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals and replace the values for the fonts.

Q: what can I do to make my own kdeglobals file the stock default setting? For
example, when a new user is created and launches K3B (or whatever other KDE
app) for the first time, ~/.kde/share/config is newly created... but where do
the first-time default values come from? And how can I eventually change these?
(Rem: I'm accustomed to build my own Slackware packages from source, so if this
should be involved, it should be no problem...)

Any suggestions?

Niki Kovacs

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