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Rick Miles frmrick at
Tue Mar 28 11:54:21 BST 2006

Kevin Krammer is a darn nice person I don't care what anybody says!
> >
> > Does this mean that arts is using alsa to provide sound?
> Yes.
> aRts will compose the audio data it gets, e.g. decode compressed data like
> OGG vorbis and then write this to the sound driver depending on its
> configuration
> > > so from ALSA's point of view
> > > Arts should look like one of its applications.
> >
> > Does this mean alsa is being supplied sound by by an application called
> > arts?
> If ALSA is the sound system which aRts is configured to use then yes.
> > I'd just like to know why I can't access input devices in audacity unless
> > I kill all arts pids or run audacity with the command "artsdsp -m
> > audacity"
> Hmm, does your ALSA setup allow concurrent access to the sound device? e.g.
> having a card that allows to be accessed by more than one application or an
> ALSA level sound mixer
> Check by running to ALSA programs other than aRts
Thanks Kevin,

Worrying sound is fairly new to me as I/ve started fooling around with dvb-t, 
video and sound files. I'll have to figure out what I have that uses alsa and 
not arts.

Maybe its an alsa problem. I woke up this morning, booted up and had no sound 
at all until I ran alsaconf alsamixer and alsactl store. I had sound when I 
walked away last night albeit I did have two scheduled mencoder jobs before 
the automated shutdown.


Rick Miles

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