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Mon Mar 27 16:34:34 BST 2006

On Saturday 25 March 2006 20:20, Rick Miles wrote:
> Kevin Krammer is a darn nice person I don't care what anybody says!
> > On Thursday 23 March 2006 20:07, Rick Miles wrote:
> > > Can anyone point me in the direction of some info on turning off arts
> > > and running alsa with kde?
> >
> > Arts can use ALSA as one of its audiosystems,
> Does this mean that arts is using alsa to provide sound?

aRts will compose the audio data it gets, e.g. decode compressed data like OGG 
vorbis and then write this to the sound driver depending on its configuration

> > so from ALSA's point of view
> > Arts should look like one of its applications.
> Does this mean alsa is being supplied sound by by an application called
> arts?

If ALSA is the sound system which aRts is configured to use then yes.

> I'd just like to know why I can't access input devices in audacity unless I
> kill all arts pids or run audacity with the command "artsdsp -m audacity"

Hmm, does your ALSA setup allow concurrent access to the sound device? e.g. 
having a card that allows to be accessed by more than one application or an 
ALSA level sound mixer

Check by running to ALSA programs other than aRts


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