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Dexter Filmore Dexter.Filmore at
Sat Mar 25 12:48:15 GMT 2006

Am Freitag, 24. März 2006 20:00 schrieb Nick Tryon:
> I get this too (konqueror comes to the top instead of staying below
> the current window, even though it opens the URL in a new tab).
> It happens when I open links in Konqueror from aKregator and when I
> use "kfmclient openURL" with xchat's URL handler.
> It does not, however, happen when I use the "Add Lyrics" or "Open in
> external browser" buttons in amaroK's (1.4-svn) context browser or
> when I open links from Kopete.
> Focus stealing prevention settings do not appear to have any effect on
> this.

It seems to me that "open in background" only implies that the new tab deosn't 
become active, but konqueror's focus is a kde thing rather.

So "don't grab focus" should be integrated into the "background" option. 
Any devs reading this or should I file a bug report?


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