Bill Wells hammer29 at
Wed Mar 22 15:45:12 GMT 2006

I had the same problem with the nearest airport (reporting weather facility) 
while only 8 miles distant, with different weather than my location.  There 
used to be an option to enter other facilities than those in the list by 
directly inputting the ICAO code.  It seems to have been swallowed by 

I entered my local station manually in the file  weather_stations.desktop 
located in   /opt/kde/share/apps/kweatherservice.  Make a backup, enter your 
changes and see if it works.   Add the new location at the end of the list 
for Australia (don't worry about it not being in alphabetical order).  When I 
went to the configure kweather step in adding new stations in the kweather 
applet , it was automagically in alphabetical order.  YMMV    You shouldn't 
have any problems on what codes to use, they are fairly straight forward.    
Australia locations start at line 2458 in the file.    Have fun.

Bill Wells

On Tuesday 21 March 2006 10:01 pm, Rick Miles wrote:
> Bill Wells is a darn nice person I don't care what anybody says!
>  I never realised it was there, nor all those other applets.! That explains
> why the project seems to die on sourceforge in 2000 and the last available
> source looks for qt-1.4 when I run ./configure. It was included in kde with
> different maintainers than on sourceforge
> I got the applet up and running, pity the nearest listing is Melbourne as
> that's the airport where weather could be quite different from where I
> live.
> Anyway it got me thinking about the weather and since it was my day off and
> I had some time to play I did up a script that displays my local 4 day
> forecast from the BOM using lynx, sed and more.
> > kweather was in the KDE install package on disc 2 of the iso I downloaded
> > from  After I ran the install, I clicked on a blank space
> > in kicker, :: add to panel :: applet :: Weather Report
> > Bill Wells
> >
> > On Tuesday 21 March 2006 01:40 pm, Rick Miles wrote:
> > > with ref to earlier posts, where did you guys get kweather slackpack
> > > from?
> >
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