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Mon Mar 20 23:07:58 GMT 2006

Tis an
In~/.kde/share/config I found two files that are related to kweather  
weatherpanelappletrc and old weather.  The former contains the info for the 
weather station currently selected for display when you left click the icon.  

Enough!  I give up. 

I just went to /opt/kde/share/apps/kweatherservice and added line 784 
loc99=Vacaville KVCB CAZ018 ---                  to the file.  Had a devil of 
a time finding the last code but it works for me.

Bill Wells

On Monday 20 March 2006 10:56 am, Rick Miles wrote:
> I would expect an option like that would be part of the kweather package.
> Personal settings and configurations reside in ~/.kde not the software
> itself.
> Did you install kweather from a slackpack? If you did, open up the
> slackpack and check out where all the files go using ark or by untarring
> into a clean directory. Then you can compare with what's in your box.
> Also how recent is your kweather?
> Bill Wells is a darn nice person I don't care what anybody says!
> > I recently had to reinstall KDE on my Slackware 10-2 box because of some
> > serious problems I had generated.  I saved the .kde directory from my
> > home directory to preserve e-mail and bookmarks only.  I used the
> > Slackware pkgtool utility to remove kde.  I rebooted to hopefully lose
> > any artifacts. Then after rebooting, installed kde from the Slackware
> > distribution using pkgtool.
> > When I installed the kweather applet, the option to enter locations by
> > icao codes was not present.  I know it was there and I had used it in the
> > previous incarnation of kde from the same source.
> >
> > I am sure it is something minor that I am missing but after 3 weeks of
> > poking, prodding, googling querying friends and relatives, I have not
> > discovered the solution to my dilemma.
> >
> > Bill Wells
> >
> > Slackware 10-2
> > KDE 3.4.2 (from distro iso)
> > AMD Athlon
> > 256 Mb Mem
> > Asus A7M266 MB
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