Pavel Troller patrol at
Mon Mar 20 20:00:25 GMT 2006

> When I installed the kweather applet, the option to enter locations by icao 
> codes was not present.  I know it was there and I had used it in the previous 
> incarnation of kde from the same source.  
Yes, I'm also very disappointed by the problem you are describing.
The following is a copy of e-mail I've sent to kweather author, Ian Reinhardt
Geiser, 18. of January 2006. We were communicating formerly about kweather
several times, but I didn't get any response to the mail quoted below:

Hi Reinhardt!
  You probably don't remember me, but we alread exchanged some mails regarding
kweather in the past.
  Now, I'm a bit confused with its changes in KDE3.5.
  I'm not using because I don't feel it like a bug, but like
a "UI change", which is probably there to help "general users", but it limits
or removes functionality for advanced users, so they cannot use it the way they
were used to. I'm calling this process as "windozification".
  In 3.4 kweather, I was able to enter ANY ICAO code directly. Now I cannot,
or at least I didn't find how to do it. And the station list in kweather is way
form complete. For example, I cannot enter EYVI code, which belongs to
Lithuania/Vilnius, just because Lithuania is missing at all in the country
list, as well as Latvia is.
  Of course I've solved it for myself by entering another location and then
hand-editing kweather config file, but I thing it's not a way we should follow.
  Please consider adding back the possibility to enter the ICAO code directly,
or explain me how to do it using the kweather's configuration dialog.
                                  With regards, Pavel Troller

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