John john_82 at
Sun Mar 19 12:19:04 GMT 2006

Something very odd about KPDF. It seems to be much much slower than the pdf 
viewer that came with suse 9 (acrobat?). Pages come up with a large cross, 
followed by a general fuzz that becomes readable after a while. About a 2sec 
pause per page downloaded or saved. Much too slowly to scan through a 
document. The machine is a 3gig P4, 1gig 400ddr memory, 10K class raided 
drives and an lower upper end nvidia graphics card. Screen resolution is 1280 
by 1024 24bit refreshing at 74Hz. Everything else is quick. I also get the 
impression that the pdf resolution isn't always as good as it should be and 
have to zoom to 150% or 200%.

Are there any settings that need to be tidied up to cure this or how do I get 
adobe back again?

Also if I download a pdf file in Konq and then decide to save it - it's 
downloaded again. Why?


Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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