.gif icons not being detected by filter

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Sat Mar 18 18:41:54 GMT 2006

Hi. I've put Rezound (a music app) on FC4, and FC2. It has an icon 
in /usr/share/rezound but it is a .gif. If I either use Kmenuedit, or just 
right click on Rezound on the desktop, and then browse to the icon, I see 
nothing, and the "Filter" only shows icon extensions for, *.png *.xpm *.svg 
*.svgz. How, and where do I add the .gif icon extension?

BTW. If I logout of KDE and back into Gnome, I can create an app launcher, and 
the .gif icon is detected ok. Then if I log back into KDE, Rezound is there 
on the desktop, displaying the .gif icon for Rezound.

Any comments, or help gratefully accepted. Nigel.
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