Konqueror does not release mounted devices

Jared Breland jbreland at legroom.net
Wed Mar 15 22:02:19 GMT 2006

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If I view a mounted CD-ROM, USB keydrive, or basically any devices that
requires mounting/umounting with Konqueror, it will maintain a "busy" status
on that device.  In order to eject/unmount the device, I must first close
Konqueror completely.

This wouldn't be a big deal if someone mounts a device by double-clicking
it's icon on the desktop, which then spawns a Konqueror window.  The user
would then likely close the window before attempting to eject the device, so
he probably wouldn't ever have this problem.  However, I keep a Konqueror
window open at all times in a dedicated section of my screen; it's quite
inconvenient to be forced to close Konqueror, then eject the device, then
open it again, resize it, and move it back to it's proper location.

Why does this happen?  Is it possible to prevent it?  I understand why
Konqueror would not allow me to unmount a device while it's viewing that
directory, but I feel that once I navigate away from that directory it
should release any locks.  The is the default Linux behavior I'm used to
seeing with bash and other file managers.


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