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James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Mar 16 07:29:51 GMT 2006

Rick Miles wrote:
> I seem to have a bit of trouble understanding why I seem to have problems with 
> alsa and arts coexisting on a desktop. It seems that sometimes arts runs and 
> other times its in the way.
> For example, to have access to my sound system I have to do a killall artsd 
> before running audacity. I sometimes have trouble getting sound in kscd, 
> klear and kaffeine. I fiddle with things and everything is ok then its not
> Can someone point me to some meaningfull info on this as googling about seems 
> to indicate that there has been various problems in various distros between 
> running arts and alsa.

Try this: In the Control Center: Sound & Multimedia -> Sound System,

At the bottom of the "General" tab check: "Auto-suspend if idle after" 
and set it to "1 seconds" -- DO NOT set to "0 seconds".

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