long name field in .desktop icon

Eduardo Jaime Quiros Batres dojai at ufv.br
Thu Mar 2 22:54:50 GMT 2006

Em Qui 02 Mar 2006 17:26, John escreveu:
> Maybe you do not understand what I mean. For example. SusePatches will not
> display in one line. With my settings its displays as SusePatch with the es
> on the next line. If I change it to Suse Patches with the space the Suse
> comes out exactly centred over Patches. The - does have the same effect
> too. KDE formats it as well as it can but it only uses valid file names.

Sorry about my english, but I did understand. Under konqueror it works exactly 
as you describe. My problem is with the icon on my desktop 
(~/Desktop/something.desktop), in this small file I have a field called 
"Name" (Name=some long name with spaces) which is wath appears under the icon 
in the desktop; it wont appear in two lines it appears as "some long na..." 
and I want it to split the line (it doesn't matter if at the spaces or not, 
just to split the line would be fine)

Eduardo Jaime QuirĂ³s Batres (dojai at ufv.br)
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