long name field in .desktop icon

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Mar 2 20:26:48 GMT 2006

Maybe you do not understand what I mean. For example. SusePatches will not 
display in one line. With my settings its displays as SusePatch with the es 
on the next line. If I change it to Suse Patches with the space the Suse 
comes out exactly centred over Patches. The - does have the same effect too. 
KDE formats it as well as it can but it only uses valid file names.

No need for escape characters. If they change they may as well parse out 
return. Much more user friendly.


On Thursday 02 March 2006 18:54, Eduardo Jaime Quiros Batres wrote:
> Em Qui 02 Mar 2006 15:17, John escreveu:
> > On my desktop it looks like kde tries to format it where it can. Rather
> > than trying to use return try using - or some other chars. Space seems to
> > work as well.
> > Think the developers don't want to parse out returns from the file names.
> > John
> "-" nor spaces works, I think the developers will put it if asked, maybe in
> a "Configure Desktop" like I just found I can change the number of lines in
> konqueror; or maybe allowing backslash escape characters, both with be
> wonderfull.

Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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