Konq slow

jeff grant kubin3 at aol.com
Wed Mar 1 03:10:07 GMT 2006

>>>Not that this is perhaps much practical help - though it may assist in
>>>establishing some pattern - but I'm running kde 3.4. - not sure if .1 or
>>>.2, on PCLinuxOS. And like your attempts in Windoze, the whole thing -
>>>in Konqueror, Opera and Firefox - loads perfectly and very quickly. My
>>>ISP is AOL - 2mb broadband, Athlon 2400+ Thoroughbred. As to what's
>>>causing your problem, being new to Linux (though a very old hand at the
>>>Other OS) I wouldn't hazard a guess. But whatever I hope you soon get it
>>>Jeff in London UK
>>Hi Jeff. Sorry that this is OT. I know using AOL on Linux boxes a couple of
>>years ago was pretty much a no-go. What are you using so that AOL will run
>>on Linux now? Nigel.
Hi Nigel,

It took me by surprise when it worked. But I'd tried umpteen Linux 
distros over about ten years and had found nothing that I was completely 
happy with. Almost by chance last September I stumbled across PCLinuxOS. 
I was amazed - it just worked, straight out the box, as it were and 
installed - in a dual boot configuration with XP - more quickly and just 
as easily as XP. I thought - This is the one. But being with AOL how do 
I get on the net with it?

I'd been with AOL for a number of years so I talked to one of the upper 
level guys there and he told me that as far as they were concerned, 
provided you could make it work and support it, you could run whatever 
operating system you liked with AOL. So taking him at his word, I upped 
my broadband from 1 to 2meg and they supplied as a matter of course a 
wireless router. All I did then was to install the router in XP, restart 
the computer and boot into Linux. It went - and has done ever since - 
like a bird! Most times when I switch on in the mornings the router will 
automatically go through to AOL, occasionally it won't and then I have 
to reboot into Windoze first and then back into Linux. But even that's a 
matter of only two or three minutes, and then it's set for the day. And 
I have to say I've had not the slightest problem with the connection 
whatever in five months. The whole thing works perfectly.

And as a rider to that - my girl-friend has a Blueyonder cable network 
in her house. Another Linux box I've built for that runs just as 
effortlessly! No configuration, no nothing. Just plugged it in and it 
went as has done also for the last five months.

I hope that's of interest,

Jeff in London UK

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