unmount usb mounted device

Martin (KDE) kde at fahrendorf.de
Mon Jun 26 07:06:59 BST 2006


I have discovered a realy strange thing this weekend. If I plug in a usb 
stick, a usb-stick symbol pops up at my desktop. With the latest 
dbus/hal stuff there is no entry in the fstab (that is ok afaik). I can 
mount this usb device with no problem.

If I want to unmount this device I get no error message. There is 
something going on (the cpu load is high for about three seconds) but 
nothing happens. The usb devise keep being mounted. I have to login as 
root to unmount the device.

With the older hal versions there was a tool to update the fstab 
(fstab-sync), but this tool is remove in current versions. Am I missing 
something fundamental?

KDE 3.5.3 (from cvs from last friday)
hal 0.5.7
dbus 0.62
udev 0.94

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