How to set up my kbd to be able to use French accents when replying to email in Kmail

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Sun Jun 18 20:34:39 BST 2006

> It is a "qwerty" keyboard, but has also the French accented keys on it.
> The only keys I can't find on it are the "pipe" "|" , the "<" , and the
> ">" commands. I've had to swap back to the US keyboard to add those to
> this post.

It might not be much use to you, but for the record, I can get accented
characters on my UK keyboard with various combinations of Alt-Gr and
deadkeys (if that's what they're called). The ones relevant for French are:
"Alt-Gr + semicolon", "e" -> é 
"Alt-Gr + apostrophe", "e" -> ê
"Alt-Gr + hash (#)", "e" -> è
"Alt-Gr + left square bracket", "i" -> ï

It's not as convenient as having dedicated keys for accented characters, but
you might find it useful if you only need them occasionally.

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