How to set up my kbd to be able to use French accents when replying to email in Kmail

nigel henry cave.dnb at
Sat Jun 17 19:59:28 BST 2006

Hi. I am living in France, my keyboard is a UK qwerty one. The OS is in 
English, apart from some apps like Firefox which are in French.

I can create a letter in Open Office, and can apply the French accents to it 
where needed, but have no idea how to get access to accented keys to reply to 
French e-mails.

I don't know if the KDE list is the right one, as the problem seems to be more 
to do with keyboard mapping. I've never used a French keyboard, so have no 
idea how the accented "a", "e", etc are selected.

I'd be very gratefull for any suggestions.

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