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Fri Jun 9 22:33:41 BST 2006

Am Freitag, 09. Juni 2006 22:21 schrieb Lorenzo La Spada:
> Hi all,
> I just change Xfree86 to Xorg on my ibook g4 (ppc), I have a few
> questions about the configuration.
> I would like to use the transparency option for the windows. It is
> said that I should ad in the  /etc/X11/xorg.conf file the following
> lines:
> Section "Extensions"
>      Option "Composite" "Enable"
> EndSection
> My xorg.conf file was empty (I think I just created one) and I ad the
> lines above but nothing changes, I still have no possibility to set
> the transparency of the windows.
> My question is, is kde still using another conf. file, which was
> previously created before under xfree86? and if so how do I change that?
> Or, how can I do to set the transparency?
> (I tryed to follow this tutorial <
> TIP_Xorg_X11_and_Tranparency> but without success)

Hello Lorenzo,

this is a KDE mailinglist, so your question is somewhat misplaced - however, 
if you really want to have an accelerated Desktop with transparency etc., I 
suggest trying Xgl  and compiz.

Here are links to tutorials that may help you:

That requires the modular X:

Hope that helps,


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