Help to configure kde with xorg

Lorenzo La Spada l.laspada at
Fri Jun 9 21:21:53 BST 2006

Hi all,

I just change Xfree86 to Xorg on my ibook g4 (ppc), I have a few  
questions about the configuration.
I would like to use the transparency option for the windows. It is  
said that I should ad in the  /etc/X11/xorg.conf file the following  

Section "Extensions"
     Option "Composite" "Enable"

My xorg.conf file was empty (I think I just created one) and I ad the  
lines above but nothing changes, I still have no possibility to set  
the transparency of the windows.

My question is, is kde still using another conf. file, which was  
previously created before under xfree86? and if so how do I change that?
Or, how can I do to set the transparency?

(I tryed to follow this tutorial < 
TIP_Xorg_X11_and_Tranparency> but without success)

Any help will be warmly welcome.

Thanks in advance:)
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