konqueror khtml default background-color

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Thu Jun 1 02:25:10 BST 2006


| I've noticed that when I change the KDE theme/colors the default
| background-color of Konqueror  (khtml part) changes (to grey i.e.)
| too.
| I think that that this is a bad choice because a lot web sites don't
| define the background-color but it's expected that is white.
| The result is that these sites are displayed with different
| background color than the one their designer had in mind.

Although I don't use Konqueror, I experience the same problem
with the browser I use, so I understand your point.

I think the way to go is that Konqueror should have its own
color theme handling *and* there should be an option of
"Use the System Colors" within Konqueror's color theme handler.

Also, it would be nice if there are the "author mode" and the "user
mode":  In the author mode, the browser obeys the specifications such
as fonts and colors of the author of the webpage; in the user mode,
the browser ignores the author's specifications and uses its own color
and font schemes.

In fact, the browser I use, which is Opera, has this feature.
Usually, I use the system color scheme of KDE in the browser,
which uses white text on a dark gray background.  When a page doesn't
show well in the user mode, I switch to the author mode, then,
voila, the page shows as the author intended.  The only remaining
problem is those pages which aren't many but which partially
specify colors.  The worst ones are those which don't show
well in the user model and which specify the text to be black
without specifying the background color; they show as black
on dark gray in the author mode because my default background
color is dark gray.

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