Switch Proxy/Proxies in Konqueror

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Tue Jan 31 18:37:27 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 31 January 2006 14:45, Patrick Nagel wrote:

> To be honest - I have no idea how to use kwriteconfig (or kreadconfig). I
> played around with it a bit, but never got it to work as expected, and then
> decided to stick with sed.

In your case for example
kwriteconfig --file kioslaverc --group "Proxy Settings" --key ProxyType $value

to set the proxy type to $value

> > See the descrption for
> > dcop --pipe
> > on how to make multiple calls with one dcop startup
> I thought about that, too, but here's the blocker: "The '%1' placeholder
> cannot be used to replace e.g. the program, object or method name." (from
> dcop help). I would have to replace the program, which is impossible.

ah, too bad.
I thought that worked

> > Actually I guess, which means that would have to be tested, it might be
> > sufficient to call repareseSlaveConfiguration on just one scheduler,
> > maybe the one kded uses.
> I tried to let only kded reparse the http configuration, but it doesn't
> work then. I don't like that "brute force" method either ;)

Well, seems there is no way around that :(


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