konqueror/kio_ftp and multiple connections

Juergen Bausa Juergen.Bausa at web.de
Fri Jan 27 08:55:05 GMT 2006

I am using debian sarge and tried to use konqueror (3.3.2) to reach a local
ftp-server, that allows just one connection at a time. while this is
no problem with all other tested ftp-clients, konqueror does not
work properly. At the first strtup only an empty window is displayed,
although the ftp-server reports a successful login in the syslog.

In my opinion this is because konqueror directly starts two connections and
the second one gets no response. If I restart the ftp-server and konqueror,
the directory is listed and I can transfer files. However, changing directories
again results in an empty directory list.

My question is: Is there any way to tell konqueror, not to open multiple connections?
While searching google I found different questions concerning this, but no answers.
On my system I found a configuration file at /usr/share/services/ftp.protocol wich has the option


However, changing this to 1 did not help.

Any hints?

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