Beagle 0.2.0 does not follow KDE file associations

Guido Pinkernell guido.pinkernell at
Thu Jan 26 21:10:38 GMT 2006

Hi all,

Beagle 0.2.0 with its new GUI is out, and I have been 
successful in compiling the dog under opensuse 10.0 with 
KDE 3.5.

Now I find that when clicking on a result of a beagle search 
the object doesnt always open in a KDE application. E.g. a 
directory opens in nautilus (Gnome), and a pdf opens in 
Ghostview (X), although Konqueror or Kpdf - within KDE - 
are associated to these file types.

This didn't happen with a selfcompiled Beagle 0.1.x on SuSE 
9.3, KDE 3.4. So I am not sure whether this is a Beagle 
issue or a KDE or Gnome issue or whatever. The Beagle pages 
esp. install instructions haven't been updated to 0.2.0 
(yet), and in Gnome Control Center (accessible from 
KDE-Menue) doesn't offer a place where to change file 

Before asking the beagle people at Gnome I'd like to know 
whether this really isn't a general problem of configuring 
Gnome apps under KDE.


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