seeking tips for setting up a home office...

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Wed Jan 18 18:29:27 GMT 2006


In a few months time i might be attempting to set up a lil office, a home 
office with about 10 people to begin, and was trying to gather the stuff 
that it would call for.

This is probably not the right list to ask but then again it might be as i 
am looking at KDE on every system. And then again there sure will be a lot 
of people here experienced in this stuff who may be able to suggest.

I am thinking "What are all the stuff i will require to set up the network 
stuff?". Obviously, i am looking at a linux solution and could have a 
server. The following are the topics i can think of for now...

1) Groupware server and clients. Maybe Kolab and Kontact? I have much left 
to understand here. I need some spam filter / antivirus for the groupmail. 
Would the server receive all mail to the domain and then serve each 
computer or simply route each computers mail request to some other email 
server on the web. If both were possible which is better. Clearly, i lack 

2) Internet sharing and firewall. Protection as required.

3) Connecting to the local network from outside over the internet and 
acessing it like it were local.

4) Intranet chat. Does Kopete support some protocol that works over the 
intranet so it does not hog on internet bandwidth? Maybe some protocol that 
supports voice and maybe video too. Something like Skype? Or is there 
another program more appropriate?

I am looking for suggestions / advice from those of you experienced in this 
or possessing the knowledge. Are there some other issues i should be 
looking at? What are the kind of resources i will need? Do i have to have a 
'static IP' internet connection? etc...

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