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Wed Jan 18 16:33:05 GMT 2006

Hi when using KDE 3.5's new autorun functionality and selecting Kaffiene 
as my DVD video playback software, the wrong device location is being 
passed to Kaffiene. However despite thinking I had resolved this, it 
seems that it might not be as straightforward as I had initially 
assumed, as despite resetting this and telling Kaffiene (via Xine engine 
parameters) to always use /dev/hdc as the DVD playback source, each time 
a DVD is insterted into the drive KDE autorun continues to pass the 
wrong device location to Kaffiene (such as system://media/dvd) causing 
Xine/Kaffiene to continue to resort to this as the default DVD playback 
source too. Kaffiene however does playback the dvd if however I pass the 
correct parameter to it on the command line, which is:

kaffeine dvd:///dev/hdc


kaffeine dvd:///dev/hdd

and so on.

So perhaps some ability to individually edit autorun commands for 
specific media types might be useful.
There are several reasons for wanting to get this to work. Namely that I 
have young children who barely know how to put a CD in the drive, so it 
will be cool to be able to allow them to put a DVD in the drive and to 
have it play back automatically for them. I would also like to have a PC 
that I could effectively use as a media center, where I only need to 
instert a disk, have the disk type instantly recognised and for the disk 
to begin playback without any intervention from me whatsoever.

Can anyone assist?

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