problem with user password when unlocking from screensaver

Martin Fahrendorf martin at
Fri Jan 13 06:58:53 GMT 2006

Jean Baptiste Balleyguier schrieb:
> Thank yu Leva,
> but, I only found two kcheckpass files (using "locate:/kcheckpass" in 
> konquerror) and none were in the $KDEDIR (to say it, I have no 
> /home/myfolder/.kde/bin  folder !). One was situated in /usr/bin and the 
> other in /etc/pam.d. The two files belong to root.  Something wrong with my 
> config ?

compare your kcheckpass and kde file in /etc/pam.d. They should be the 
same. If not, try to mov kcheckpass to kcheckpass.old ond copy the kde 
file to kcheckpass.

Check what is print in the logs (mostly a "grep -i pam *" in /var/log 
will show you the right file).

> jb

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