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Fri Jan 6 21:20:51 GMT 2006

Thank you so much, Mr. Boylan. 
  Again, I guess this has been much too entry-level to all of you guys, but it's been great help to us. 

Ross Boylan <ross at> wrote:
  On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 12:34 -0800, Freddy Flores wrote:
> How are those libraries related / dependent on one another /
> conflicting? 
> Can we combine them? 
> It all looks like a trapping plot for us to use a collage of things
> that should not be mixed; a scheme made up by our professor.
> Is X-Lib the basis for all of them? 
> Are they related in any form to Unix-Curses?
Well, the curses library should be, though I suppose there are various

Curses is for terminal (full screen) rather than GUI interfaces.

X libraries are part of the X windows systems, which does GUI's.
Alternatives are windowing systems from MS or Apple, though X has been
ported to both. X is relatively low-level and open-ended.

Qt is a higher-level graphical (and some non-graphical) toolkit. It
rides on top of whatever window system is native to the platform. I
think it's available for *nix, Apple (which is a type of Unix, but the
preferred graphics system is not X) and MS-Windows, and maybe others.

KDE is built on Qt. KDE is a complete desktop system, with many parts.
Native language is C++.

GNOME is another desktop system. It uses GTK (I think) as its higher
level graphics library; GTK is (always?) built on top of X. Native
language is C.

So on Linux, for example, Qt and thus KDE depend on X. Generally you
can run any X-based app under any of the desktops. I run GNOME apps
under KDE all the time.

You may also want to distinguish particularly libraries from complete
software systems. KDE and GNOME include various libraries, but they
have other stuff too.
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