KWrite: EOL vs CR,LF

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Feb 28 23:44:55 GMT 2006

Bram Schoenmakers wrote:
> Op dinsdag 28 februari 2006 23:01, schreef James Richard Tyrer:
>> If I open the "Configure - KWrite" dialog and under "Open/Save" set "End
>> of Line" to: "DOS/Windows" and save the file, should the file have a CR,
>> LF at the end of each line?
> Yes. Works for me (KWrite 4.5.0, which came with KDE 3.5). What version are 
> you using?
>> Well it doesn't so do I have a bug to report?
> Is the option Tools->End Of Line also set to Windows/DOS? 

No it wasn't.  Setting that does what I needed.

So, my only question is what does the option in the configuration dialog do?


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