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Bram Schoenmakers bramschoenmakers at kde.nl
Mon Feb 27 16:13:18 GMT 2006

Op maandag 27 februari 2006 14:37, schreef Merton Campbell Crockett:
> On 26 Feb 2006, at 22:01 PST, Bob Stia wrote:
> > Hello kde people,
> >
> > How do I make kde remember settings eg: setting screen resolution for
> > different users. Example; I am sight impaired and run my lcd screen
> > at 1280 x
> > 960. My wife likes her screen at 1600 X 1200 so I cannot set it in
> > xorg.
> > Also, to make Firefox and GQview display with big enough fonts for
> > me I have
> > to run the gnome-control-center to make them bigger.
> >
> > Whenever I log out and log back in again they revert to their default
> > settings. "Save session" does not work.
> I'm not on a system with KDE at the moment; however, there is a panel
> in the KDE Control Center that allows you to set the display geometry
> and have it restored the next time that you log in.  At least, the
> capability appears to be present in SuSE Linux 10.

True, it's in the Desktop Settings when you select Configure Desktop in the 
desktop's context menu. The offered resolutions should be defined 
in /etc/X11/xorg.conf .

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