How to track done a shortcut key combo

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Mon Feb 27 12:44:29 GMT 2006

Op maandag 27 februari 2006 07:58, schreef Harry Putnam:
> How can I track down and edit a specific key combo?  In this case
> pressing Ctrl-Alt k  brings up an konsole. I want to turn that off
> since it interferes with emacs in some modes.
> Finding the shortcuts section under Control Center (Keyboard
> Shortcuts) doesn't appear to turn up this combo.
> I'm not sure what all is supposed to happen there but using the search
> box on konsole finds nothing under any of the the sub headings.
> Going to the Command shortcuts and then to konsole doesn't show
> anything usefull although I could set a shortcut there apparently.
> It doesn't appear on the konsole shortcuts on a running konsole.
> So how can I find the source of this shortcut?

Run kmenuedit, locate the Konsole entry and disable the shortcut shown there.

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