Ksim inconsistencies

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Sat Feb 25 23:40:21 GMT 2006

Hi Folks. First I'd like to say that I use KDE 99.5+% of the time, and don't 
want anybody telling me to move to Gnome, get a better distro, or any of that 
sort of rubbish.

Ksim on FC1 was fine. It was a standalone app, easily configurable, and had 
the graph displayed in blue, and the text in black.

I then added FC2. No Ksim. Where's it gone? /usr/share showed parts of Ksim, 
but no binary. I eventually found a source file for Ksim and installed that 
on FC2. This again was the same as on FC1.

Quite some time later. I'm not sure if it was before, or after I installed 
FC3, I saw by chance a comment that Ksim was now a panel extension. I think 
this may have been after I'd installed FC3, as I remember trying to install 
the Ksim .tar.gz source file onto FC3 and it was a no-go.

Ksim as a panel extension on FC3 works. But. As default it is always on top. 
Any opened windows are obscured by Ksim in the part of the screen it 
occupies. Also, any icons below Ksim (where I have it on the top right of the 
screen) are shifted to the left side of it every time I reboot. This results, 
if you have more than one row of icons, with icons being stacked on top of 
icons. In FC3 this is fixable using the panel config for Ksim, and checking 
the box in "Hiding" "Allow other windows to cover the panel". I still don't 
like this Ksim panel extension. Whereas the freestanding Ksim had a colour 
contrast (blue and black) between the graphs and the text, the panel 
extension version is all black, and makes it very difficult to read the text 
at times.  Kde version: 3.4.2-0.fc3.2 Red Hat.

It gets worse now moving onto FC4.
Putting aside the problems I had with installing FC4, I enable the panel 
extension for Ksim, and configure it with CPU, eth0, memory, etc. The CPU, 
and eth0 graphs are showing. Memory, both RAM, and swap are showing as text 
output of used and free. I next go to panel config, and check the "Allow 
other windows to cover the panel" box. Now this works fine for any windows I 
open, but now, in contrast to FC3 the icons on reboot are still moved to the 
left edge of Ksim, which seems like Ksim is hogging the right side of the 
screen, and I have adjusted the amount of the right side it is supposed to be 
taking up. Next I do the FC4 updates, 435MB+. Now I'm not sure what version 
of KDE FC4 I had before the updates. I forgot to look. But am now using.
KDE version: 3.5.1-0.1.fc4 Red Hat. After the updates Ksim has changed yet 
again. Now it shows the graphs for CPU , eth0, but both memory lines have 
lost there text output for free and used memory. These have been replaced 
with, one line saying "Memory" and the other saying "Swap" , and to see 
anything you have to hover the mouse pointer over them. And I must say that 
I've tried to fix this.

This is a plea to the Ksim developer/s . Can we not have Ksim back, as it was, 
as an app on the Kmenu? These panel extensions are absolutely terrible. 
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