desktop files in /usr/share/applnk not found

Rainer Wirtz rainer.wirtz at
Sat Feb 25 19:03:11 GMT 2006

Am Samstag, 25. Februar 2006 10:22 schrieb Jim MacLeod:
> Rainer Wirtz wrote:
> > Some programs e.g. qtparted install their .desktop file(s)
> > under /usr/share/applnk/. In the k-menu, no corresponding entry
> > shows up.
> > I assume that the kde menu system is not checking this dir for
> > desktop files.
> >
> > How can I change this?
> One possibility is to check that the .desktop file does not have the
> line NoDisplay=true
> If it does, either delete or change it to 'false'
No, it hasn't, but I found two other possibilities to solve this, both 
not really kde related.

Copy the .dektop file to /usr/share/application, this dir is searched.
Add (or modify) a xml-file to $HOME/.config/menus as described in

The first solution is much simpler.

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