Richard Neill rn214 at
Sat Feb 25 05:06:16 GMT 2006

sol & diederic wrote:
> Hi,
> I can connect to 2 ISPs (X and Y) using dial-up.
> Connections occur.  However, I can sned and receive though X with no problem.
> I've set Y up similar to X, using of course an other address and password, 
> same port 110 receiving (pop3 acc) and sending smpt, port 25.
> When connected to Y and sending a message, for example to myself at X, the 
> following error message appears:
> Sending failed.
> Message sending failed since the following recipients were rejected by the 
> server: myself at X Recipient address rejected. Access denied.

This sounds like an SMTP error. Originally, all SMTP (outgoing mail) 
servers would relay mail from anywhere as a courtesy. Then spammers 
messed it all up. Now, all properly configured SMTP servers reject mail 
that is not sent from within their domain. So, if you are connected to 
ISP_X, you have to route mail through X's SMTP server (because none of 
the others will accept you) and vice-versa.  KMail probably has a 
configuration setting for this.

That isn't quite the last word on this. (Workarounds include 
POP-before-SMTP and SSH Port forwarding)

Hope that helps,

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