saving contents of applications with a frozen kde desktop

Richard Neill rn214 at
Wed Feb 22 19:34:49 GMT 2006

>>The dcop interface looked interesting first, but this only works for kde 
>>applications aware of dcop. As the dcop interface is easy to use I was 
>>able to  
>>send messages to e.g. kate and to tell it to close a given document. I have 
>>not found a save method that I can send to kate. 
> That surprises me, but I think you are right. I just spent
> some time investigating and found 'kdcop', which gives us a
> way to browse the dcop functions available. I tried a test
> with Kate, and I don't see 'saveDocument()'.

If you use an editor like nano  or emacs, you'll get ""
created if the editor is killed (-15, not -9) without saving. Doesn't 
kate do this? If not, it's a bug....

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