Konqueror: Navigation Panel Stuck at Zero Width

Robert Morrison orbert at orbert.net
Wed Feb 8 16:12:24 GMT 2006


I posted this question on kde-linux and got no response,
so I'm trying here.

I've found that when I load a profile that I've created[1],
the navigation panel is stuck at zero width and can't be
resized by dragging. This seems to happen whether or not
the navigation panel is displayed at the time the profile
is created, and whether one or multiple tabs are present.
I'm on KDE 3.4.2. Does anyone else see the same behavior?
Does this look like a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I've noticed that some of the profiles that ship with 
Konqueror (for example, "Simple Browser") have the same 
property: the navigation panel can be displayed but not
made wider than zero. If someone can tell me what 
controls this, I might be able to fix my user-created
profiles manually, which would be fine as a workaround.


[1] New profile created by choosing 
   Settings>Save view profile 'something'
then providing a new name and clicking 'save'.
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