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Fri Feb 3 21:34:26 GMT 2006


Soon after I upgraded to KDE 3.5.0 on a Gentoo Linux box, I am having this annoying problem with KMail:

I am using KMail with my mail server (disconnected IMAP - this is a must). Somehow KMail wants to "upload" directories that already existed both on local cache and on the server and whose content should be already syncronized.

This is the error I get in KMail:
	"Error while uploading folder

	Could not make folder my_folder on the server.

	This could be becayse you do not have permission to do this, or because
	the folder is alredy present on the serber; the error message from the server
	communication is here:

	Could Not Create Folder

	An attempt to create the requested folder failed.

	Details of the requests:

URL: (unknown)
Date and Time: Friday 03 February 2006 03:09 pm
Additional information:

	Possible causes:

Your access permissions may be inadewuate to perform the requested operation
on this resource
The location where the folder was to be created may not exists
A protocol error or incompatibility may have occured

	Posible solutions:

	Retry the request
	Check your access permissions on this resource"

I checked on the IMAP server and all looks ok:

	imapserver> listacl user.username.my_folder
	myfolder lrswipcda
	imapserver> info user.username.my_folder
 	 lastupdate:  3-Feb-2006 23:03:50 +0200
  	partition: default
  	size: 13735536

About the error message above, the IMAP server (Cyrus) is right: the folder already exists on the server side, there is no need for the client (KMail) to create it again. What I do not understand is why KMail is trying to create again a folder that existed before both on the server and in its local cache?

This problem appeared very soon after somehow KMail "lost" the settings for the mail folder: all properties like how to act on new mail, icon, etc. were replaced with the default settings. The conent of the folder, however, has not been lost, all the mail is still there both on server (I chacked with a local PINE with IMAP support) and on local cache.

This is happening not only for one mail folder, but for about 10 or more in my mail tree, which is quite large. Until now, with KMail from KDE 3.4.3 I had no problem like this.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
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