Icons don't stop dancing.

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Sat Dec 16 03:49:24 GMT 2006

Hi KDEers,

When you double-click on a launcher, a tiny icon begins to
"dance" near the mouse cursor, but some of them continue
dancing for 20 seconds or so after the application has been
launched.  I'm wondering how to fix it.

By the way, I tried to search the net for an answer,
but I'm stuck, because I don't know what keywords to use.
For example, I don't know the name of the thing you
double-click on.  Is it a "lancher", "kicker", or . . .?
What do you call the tiny icon?  What's the dancing
behavior is called?

Here is a recipe to reproduce the phenomenon I'm talking about:

- Right-click on the background, and go to
  "Create New" > "Link to Application . . .";
- In the "General" tab, change the name from "Link to Application" to
  something, say, "tmp";
- Go to the "Application" tab, and type "emacs" in the "Command" entry;
- Press "OK".

This creates a blue-gear icon named "tmp" on the desktop.
Double-click on it, then emacs is launched.
So far so good. 


- Right-click on the "tmp" icon, and go to "Properties";
- Go to the "Application" tab, and replace "emacs" with
  "/usr/bin/env LANG=ja_JP emacs" in the "Command" entry;
- Press "OK".

Then, if you double-click on the "tmp" icon, emacs is quickly
launched, but the tiny blue-gear icon continue to dance near
the mouse cursor for 20 seconds or so.

I tried "LANG=ja_JP emacs", but the icon dancing doesn't stop.
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