Amarok need Ruby??

Gary L. Greene, Jr. greeneg at
Wed Dec 13 17:16:12 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 12:03, Howard Coles jr wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 December 2006 5:07 am, Rashid N. Achilov wrote:
> > On Tuesday 12 December 2006 14:53, Marek Franke wrote:
> > > "Rashid N. Achilov" <achilov-rn at> schrieb: Yesterday I had jave
> > > tried
> >
> > to setup amarok 1.4.4 instead of 1.3.8. I had very
> >
> > > surprised and _very_ frustrated, when I have seen, that amarok port
> > > tried to install Ruby!! Why? Why 1.3.8 didn't need it, but 1.4.4 need?
> > > What is a
> > >
> > > AFAIK amarok need ruby because there are some plugins based on ruby.
> > > Marek
> >
> > Well, probably. How can I switch off these plugins? I did not need it at
> > 1.3.8, so I won't need it and 1.4.4
> I'm still  not sure what the big deal is.  What's the problem with
> installing python and ruby?  What problems would having them installed
> cause? I have them all on my laptop, and pc and I don't have any issues
> that I'm aware of that are caused by that.  Maybe if you share what
> problems it causes on your PC we'll have cause to investigate a hitherto
> unknown connection to another problem.

No, they won't cause a problem as almost 90% of the desktop UNIX-like systems 
I've seen have perl, python, etc. installed at the same time. The issue that 
some seem to have is the added "bloat" to their install. Really it's not that 
big of a deal since if I look at the information provided by my package 
manager I see that ruby is give or take around four MB in size. In a day when 
we've disk drives in the 250 to 300 GB size range, four megabytes of used 
space is nothing to worry about.

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