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Kmail uses spamassassin  which consits of 2 components. s'pamd' is the
daemon which invokes the child 'spamc'
If someone else cannot tell you how to disable it in kmail, you can
disable the service 'spamd' . I dont know where in Fedora you have
control over system services an run levels
You may find a hidden file beneath you home directory .spamassassin with
the configuration file 'user_prefs.'
If you edit this file and take the sensitivity down to 1.0 by changing
the variable "required_score" 
If you cannot disable the service then by taking the sensitivity down to
1.0 you will probably help.
spamassassin is very complex and further details are at
I hope someone else is able to give you a better option for disabling
spamassassin via Kmail, but if you dont get one
you can use the above.
Hope this helps
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