Ripping audio cd's to mp3 etc

Rick Miles frmrick at
Wed Dec 6 07:33:36 GMT 2006

Just for a comparison

I use kaudiocreator with my device as /dev/cdrom which points to /dev/hdb 
via /dev/cdrom0

rick at rick:~$ ls -l /dev/cdrom
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 2006-12-06 18:16 /dev/cdrom -> cdrom0
rick at rick:~$ ls -l /dev/cdrom0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3 2006-12-06 18:16 /dev/cdrom0 -> hdb

That was default setup with slack-11 and kde-3.5.5 I could just as easily set 
my device to point to /dev/hdb and there'd be no difference

You want to access that drive as a device not as part of the filesystem so 
check out your /etc/fstab and see what your device your distro setup up in 
fstab as the device mounted as cdrom in your filesystem and try using that in 
your kaudiocreator configuration. Usually distros will setup up the drive 
read from when installing from a cd as the drive listed in the fstab. 

John is a darn nice person I don't care what anybody says!
> Hi
> I'm tearing my hair out trying to get kaudiocreator up and running or grip
> for that matter. What ever I put in the cd drive path configuration
> settings they fail to detect an audio cd in the drive or fail to configure
> the drive. KDE configure shows
> Device                       Type      Mount Point
> /dev/dvd                   subfs     /media/dvd
> /dev/dvdrecorder      subfs     /media/dvdrecorder
> The dvd is on a true scsi bus and the recorder is on the ide bus. Maybe
> this is down to automount etc?
> Any thoughts / solutions or other applications. Me new car hasn't got a cd
> multiplayer so I thought I would try mp3's.


Rick Miles

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