DCOP problem when running a kde app remotely (withDISPLAYredirect)

Com Pegasus-CC-Hotline pegasus-cc-hotline.com at siemens.com
Fri Aug 25 10:40:31 BST 2006


I completely understand your argument, but I see a
big benefit "nearly for free", if the already existing
dcopserver switch would allow an 

  -dcopserver none

In the base class it would be a 5 minute go, but all
kde-apps would (sooner or later) have to take care of this 
possibility, so instead of complaining and stopping, they 
would just "not serve" some of their functionality, when
running without dcopserver.

Imho it would be a drastic improvement in terms of extended usage 
scenarios. After all it is about reducing mandatory dependencies, 
what is always a good one. (In this case dependencies to the environment.)

What do you think?


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Betreff: Re: [kde] DCOP problem when running a kde app remotely (withDISPLAYredirect)

On Thursday 24 August 2006 13:14, Com Pegasus-CC-Hotline wrote:
>  I am really a bit "upset" of kde.
This is the counterpart of big GUIs like Gnome & KDE. They offer a powerful, 
standardized framework for applications. One thing remarkable, for instance, 
is KIO that allows any (good/new) application to access any kind of file as 
if it were local. Furthermore, KDE is not meant to run a single app but tens 
or hundreds, where sharing libs is a good things.
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